Am nevoie de voi/ Need ya

RO: Atansion! Am nevoie de părerea voastră în următoarea cestiune: preupunînd că imaginea de mai jos ar fi o vedere, v-ar da ghes s-o achiziţionaţi? (Cine/ ce v-ar da ghes, ce-i bine, ce nu-i, etc.). Se lasă cu cadouri primibile în cursul anului de către persoanele implicate.

Vă mulţămesc!
EN: Attention! I need your opinion on the following topic: supposing this picture would be a small dimension print/ a postcard, would you buy it? (Who/ what would urge you to, what is good, what is not good with it and so on). Presents will be present during this year, to be received by those actively involved. [Note: the text says, more or less, “I am busy somewhat/ So I  might cross your path./ Please, don’t burst into wrath!”]

Thank you!

Cats of Cluj

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